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Nu finish car polish.
Nu Finish, “Scratch Away”, most any auto polish, flake carnauba wax, and mineral spirits all work to some degree, but I settled on an old jug of Turtle wax polish. I don’t need high gloss (ain’t nobody to impress!) and just like a light coating of wax to help prevent tarnish on stored brass.
Nu Finish Car Polish has been around as long as I can remember. I still remember the old television commercials where a car is shown going through a car wash hundreds of times. And the water still beads on the car, thus proving that the Nu Finish car polish must still be there, working to repel and bead up water with its revolutionary “once a year” claims.
The best car polish is a three-way toss-up between the Meguiar’s Ultimate Polish, NuFinish Liquid Car Polish, and the Zymol Cleaner Wax. If you need to remove a lot of surface abrasions on the paint, then you should choose the Meguiar’s Ultimate Polish.

Nu Finish Car Polish The Car Polish That Isn’t Labeled as a once a year car polish, Nu Finish is a classic case where the industry itself misrepresents and misinforms you as a consumer. This product actually works rather well as a retail grade product, is neither a polish or a wax.
Nu Finish claims to the only car polish capable of keeping your car looking great for an entire year. This polish contains absolutely no wax and is 100% synthetic. Nu Finish is the most popular.
Nu Finish Wax: The Once a Year Car Polish. The simple answer is that Nu Finish Wax is a great product and works. The more important answer is located below. I will dissect not only the Nu Finish car product itself, but this world of car care with its endless hype, marketing, and advertising that has many of you so confused, you don’t know where.

But I had never tried NU Finish This was because I had read posts on an online car forum that it is not really a polish & only applies a clear coating over the paint, and if you paint is marked it doesn’t remove the marks or bring out a shine, but just traps them underneath for everyone to see.
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I started using Nu Finish on my mom’s 1950 LTD, she had kept it in the sun and it started to fade. I put one coat of Nu Finish Car Polish on and my mom could not believe her eyes. She said it looked brand new! – David W., Panama City, FL

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Nu Finish car polish has neither abrasives or wax. Nu Finish should be labeled as a car paint sealant or sealer, as it is made using 100% synthetic ingredients. Nu Finish should be labeled as a car paint sealant or sealer, as it is made using 100% synthetic ingredients.
Nu Finish should be labeled as a car paint sealant or sealer, as it is made using 100% synthetic ingredients. May 20, 2006 · Neither Nu Finish Liquid nor paste car polish contain carnauba waxes. No other liquid or paste products can make that claim! Nu Finish is made up of a series of zinc cross-linking polymer emulsions that help Nu Finish.

Consumer Reports rates this in their top 3 car waxes. Of those top 3 Nu Finish has the highest durability. Consumer Reports defines durability as “How long a product protects the painted surface.” If you’re looking for a good shine and long-term protection I personally recommend Nu Finish to my friends.
Nu Finish The Once A Year Car Polish delivers a shine you’ll love and also safeguards your car even after 52 automatic car washes, guaranteeing a long-lasting sheen. Unlike wax, Nu Finish Car Polish no-wax formula is easy to apply and won’t break down your car’s paint or finish.
Nu Finish Liquid Car Polish is one of the top rated car polish that are known for exceptional results. It gives maximum protection to your car in addition to being durable and improving the gloss finish. This car polish is very effective due to its wax-free formula. This adds to the ease of application in almost all temperature levels.

NU FINISH® ONCE A YEAR CAR POLISH® The only car polish tough enough to be called “The Once A Year Car Polish®” Rated #1 car polish by leading consumer testing magazines for protection, durability, gloss improvement and best retail value. Both Liquid and Paste are the only products to have been rated
Nu Finish Car Polish has been rated #1 by a leading consumer magazine for its combination of durability, gloss improvement and retail value. Nu Finish is so effective, it’s called the “once-a-year” car polish. Simply apply a sparing amount of Nu Finish with a damp cloth, let it dry to a haze and wipe off – no heavy rubbing or buffing is needed.
Nu Finish Liquid Car Polish is the #1 rated car polish, as determined by leading consumer magazines, for its consistent combination of protection, durability, gloss improvement and retail value. What makes Nu Finish so effective is its wax-free formula, which makes it both easier to apply in all temperature and sun conditions and more durable.

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