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Jay leno’s car collection list.

The amazing car collection of Jay Leno Talkshow host Jay Leno’s love for cars is well known. The 64-year-old has hundreds of rare, exotic and just plain gorgeous cars in his collection.
Jay Leno has said he can’t pick his favorite car, but he told CNN that his McLaren F1 would be the first one he’d save from disaster, which is basically the same thing. This car is Leno’s most valuable, with recent Sotheby’s projections and auctions listing its worth between $12-$15 million. 2 Best: 1963 Jaguar XK-E
Here is Jay Leno’s Car Collection List. Help us keep Jay Leno’s car collection list up to date by leaving comments below. 289 AC Cobra. 427 Shelby Cobra. 2017 Acura NSX VIN 003.

Here is the delicious A-list of Jay leno’s car collection if you wonder how many cars does Jay Leno own or what kind of cars does Jay Leno have in his collection. Jay Leno, famous stand-up comedian and also Hollywood’s biggest car collector has got more than 100 cars in his garage in Burbank industrial park which he named it “Big Dog.
Another Jag to add to the collection for Jay is the XK120. This is a sports car from the 50s. The two-seater is a sleek, sexy and classic looking vehicle. It’s the sort of car you could imagine taking out on a deserted freeway and putting the pedal to the metal. And we imagine that’s exactly what Leno does.
Another Jaguar from Leno’s collection makes it onto the list. Who can blame us? After all, it’s such an amazing car. This car is a 1963 model. Business Insider reported that Leno added it to his collection in 2013. What makes the car even better is that it’s an original example. This is an amazing car. 6 Cord 812

The 69-year-old comedian and renowned car collector now hosts his own car TV show, Jay Leno’s Garage, but he started out in Andover, Massachusetts with a humble 1934 Ford. Scroll through the.
Jay Leno’s car collection is up there as being one of the largest and most expensive collections in the world. The Jay Leno Garage is filled with classic cars, retro rides, modern machines, and even a few one-of-a-kind vehicles. Check out some of the best and our top picks of Jay Leno’s cars!
After using it for a while, the Countach was pushed to Leno’s garage where it found a prominent position. 11. 1966 Oldsmobile Toronado. Image Credit: Wikipedia. The first front-wheel drive car from the house of General Motors, the 1966 Oldsmobile Toronado is the next car from the Jay Leno car collection on our list.

Instead, we’ve gone through the list and picked out some of his and some of our favorites. Take a journey through automotive history with these 25 Incredible Cars From Jay Leno’s Car Collection .
Jay meets up with famed builder Bodie Stroud, a man who made the most of his second chance by giving cars their second chance. Adam Carolla has been on Jay Leno’s Garage a few times-and every time his car has failed! Now Jay’s giving him another shot in a Porsche 935 racecar that…
Most of you have heard for Jay Leno’s garage, and by mistake people connect his name only with cars. But, the famous TV personality also has a vast motorcycle collection. Those who know him in person are aware that his passion for motorcycles equals the one for cars.

The cars are housed in Leno’s “Big Dog Garage”, which comprises three adjacent warehouses in a Burbank industrial park. It is run by Bernard Juchli and one other mechanic. Contents
Jay Leno is widely known for his collection of rare and classic cars. In fact, he got a TV show out of it. “Jay Leno’s Garage,” which first aired in 2014, showcases the former “Tonight Show” host.
Estimated value: $166,150 The R8 is Audi’s top-of-the-line sports car, and the convertible Spyder version is part of Jay Leno’s car collection. It goes from zero to 60 mph in less than three.

Comedian and TV presenter Jay Leno is perhaps the most famous car collector in the world. With more than 180 vehicles to his name – he has famously never sold any of his cars – acquired over.
Jay Leno’s replica of Bugati’s design was built from 1934-1940. Only 710 were ever produced and today only two are believed to be in existence. What would this car be worth if it was an original model? About $30 million. Leno drives this one on the street, too. 2 1931 Shotwell
Top 21 Cars from Jay Leno’s Massive Car Collection Odometer Team. Jay Leno is a car connoisseur to say the least. He owns enough cars and motorcycles to fill a 130-car garage–and then some! He owns some classics as well as some top of the line new cars. Here are 21 of those beauties for your eyes to behold.

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