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You can trade in your old car before you’ve paid it off. In fact, we help customers like this all the time. You certainly don’t need to go to the trouble of paying off your car loan and waiting for the title to come before you come shopping with us.

How to trade in a car that is paid off.
When trading in a car that hasn’t been paid off yet, you’ll need to provide the dealership with certain documents before you can begin the process. Driver’s license and Vehicle Registration – This is generally required in order to transfer ownership from you to the dealership.
With a paid-off car, you can shrug your shoulders and move on with your day knowing that it doesn’t matter – and that you owe zilch on your car anyway. Reason No. 4: Sleep well at night knowing you can live on less. When the economy is good and you’re earning a steady income, that car payment might be a piece of cake.
Buying a new car can be a fun and enjoyable experience, but trading in your financed vehicle can add stress to the buying process. Many car dealerships will allow you to trade in your car even if it is not paid off, but you’ll want to have some important information available before negotiating with the dealership.

For instance, if you owe $10,000 on your old car but it’s only worth $8,000, the dealer will add the extra $2,000 you owe to the purchase price of the car you’re buying. That money doesn’t simply vanish; instead, you’ll end up paying it as you pay off your new car. Car Finance and Trade-In Related Articles:
How to Trade in a Car That’s Not Paid Off. If you want to trade in a car that you still owe on, there are some steps you should take before heading to a dealership: Know the payoff amount of your loan. This can be obtained by contacting your current lender. Get an estimate for what your trade-in is worth.
Bring in your “letter of release” from your financial institution that you financed it with. Most dealerships are fine with getting the title later, or having you sign a form transferring the title from your name to theirs. It’s a very common thin…

When you buy a new car, the dealer will take care of paying off your old car loan. However, the dealer does not pay the loan out of the goodness of his heart. Your understanding of the trade-in process helps you keep an eye on what happens to your old car loan and where the amount of the new loan came from.
If the trade-in value of your vehicle is significantly higher than the buyout cost of your lease as you near the end of the car loan, you can trade in your leased vehicle (or sell it yourself), pay off your contract, and use the cash as a down payment toward your next car.
Many car dealerships accept trade-ins with vehicles that have not been paid off. Most of these dealerships even promise to pay off the balance on your auto loan. However, unless your local dealership is a charity, it will not make your loan disappear; it will pay off what you owe your lender and find a way to factor the expense it incurred into.

C. Selling Your Car to Driveo in San Diego. Here’s a piece of really good news in what might otherwise feel like a pretty bleak situation if you need to sell a financed car that isn’t paid off. You’ve seen the low-ball offers you’ll get if you try to trade-in your vehicle at a dealership.
You can trade it in but the dealer will have to pay it off before consumating any deal he has with you. Charging it off does not relieve you of the debt nor does it erase the lien on the title.
If your vehicle is not paid off and you trade it in, the remaining amount of debt will be added to your new loan. This will make your new auto loan exceed the value of your vehicle and may place you in a vulnerable position if you get in an accident. Additionally, you will typically receive less for a trade-in than if you sell your used vehicle to a private buyer.

That means that after the loan is paid off, there is a remaining balance that will be applied toward the car you’re purchasing, lowering the amount you need to borrow. For example, if the dealership appraises your trade-in at $15,000 and your current loan balance is $9,000, you have $6,000 in equity.
If you trade in your vehicle when you have negative equity, this will put you in a position where the collateral you used to secure your loan—your car—is no longer in your possession. This will mean that you will owe the full remaining value of your loan as soon as you trade in your vehicle for a new one.
When buying a car, it may be better to have a down payment rather than a trade-in. A trade-in offers convenience to the car buyer, since one can walk into a dealership with a used vehicle and walk.

When you take out an auto loan, the car is used as collateral until all the money has been repaid. In most cases, it’s in your best interest to pay off your car loan before you trade in your car. That said, it’s still possible to trade in your car before it’s paid off.
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The lending institution is paid through the trade-in worth, and the balance remaining is then transferred to any new vehicle purchased or leased by the individual. However, even though this is what is required to occur through the law, the dealership may opt to charge more for the vehicle instead and ensure the amount is greater for the company.

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