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Hi I have a 99 chrome yellow Roush Mustang convertible , I live in Palm Springs California in the desert heat I had The Claybar used on my car at a local hand carwash I don’t think they did it the way you have described they had the clay bar in the wash bay and used it with the water from the car wash after that I had severe clear-coat.

Clay bar for car wash.
Prepare your clay bar and lubricant and clay bar the car. Then, rinse your vehicle and wash it again. That should remove any leftover clay bits and any suspended contaminants still on the paint.
Buy a 2 oz (57 g) bar for 1 car, or cut a larger bar. Clay bars usually come in sizes ranging from 2–8 oz (57–227 g). The 2 oz (57 g) size is more than enough for 1 car, and is a very manageable piece of clay to work with. If you buy a larger bar, you can cut it into sections with a sharp knife and seal up the pieces you don’t need for later use. For example, you can cut a 6 oz (170 g.
In this blog post, I’ll go into detail about the main differences between using clay bar vs. cleaner wax, and when to use each one. The difference between a ‘cleaner wax’ vs clay bar. The main difference between wax and a clay bar is that wax is first and foremost a protectant, while automotive clay is not.

How To: Use an auto clay bar to clean paint contamination How To: Sand, polish and buff a paint job on an automobile for a shiny luster How To: Fix scratches in your auto finish with primer paint How To: Clay Bar a vehicle to make it smooth How To: Wash a car
3. Best Professional Clay Bar: Meguiar’s Professional Detailing Clay (C-2100) Car owners who have experience with clay bar detailing and want a professional product should look at Meguiar’s.
What a clay bar does. Washing your car thoroughly after a long winter season is a key component of protecting its finish over the long term. Allowing the salt and grime that has accumulated over the cold weather months to sit on your vehicle’s paint, chrome, and plastic, can dull its shine and encourage chemical reactions that may permanently damage your clear coat.

The Auto Finesse® Detailing Clay Bar should be used in conjunction with our Glide Clay Bar Lube for a scratch free smooth finish. Once the vehicle is clean and free of heavy tar deposits, rub the clay in straight lines across all surfaces of the car to remove any embedded road grime.
Essentially, clay bar takes off the containments that a wash leaves behind. Some of the substances that clay bar removes in a car detail are metal or fiberglass. These elements can get stuck to the paint of a vehicle, and can cause major damage to the surface. Car clay bars are similar to clay a child may play with, but are more elastic.
A normal car clean won’t touch these containments, even with something powerful like a foam cannon. A clay bar can tackle these imperfections without causing any damage to the paint surface, making it an extremely effective cleaning aid – and that is why you should choose a clay bar for detailing. Tips for Using your Clay Bar Kits

Automotive Clay Bar is an engineered resin mixture that auto detailers use to remove contaminants and pollutants from the surface of your car’s paint, glass, fiberglass, and metal. Detailing clay can be natural or synthetic. However, synthetic clay bar is most common these days. Since clay bars are clay-like, they are very elastic.
Here’s How To Clay Bar a Car. Let’s do this! First up, wash and dry the vehicle. You can read The Drive’s guide for how and how often to wash your car.; Remove the clay bar and separate it.
Following a clay bar or bug and tar treatment, the paintwork must have a wax applied to ensure the finish is protected for a longer lasting shine. Before You Start Ensure the car is clean by giving it a thorough wash and dry.

Clay Bar Prep (Return to Top) Before using a clay bar, your car should be washed and dried to remove a majority of contamination on your vehicle. The more contaminated the paint is the more likely imperfections can be added during the clay bar process. Choosing a Clay Lubricant (Return to Top)
Cleaning Car Headlights With Clay Bar. Whenever you’re clay barring an area of your car, regardless of what it is, you should always clean the area first. This means that you will perform a full wash (snow foam & contact wash), and try to remove contaminants using bug & tar remover before considering clay.
Clay Barring your car is generally seen as a good thing, but, for some it’s a scary process. If you clay bar your car using incorrect techniques, there is a serious chance of causing damage to the paintwork of your car. Thankfully, most of the time, this damage isn’t anything serious, it’s just light paint marring that will polish out.

The modern detailing clay bar is a synthetic plastic putty that physically pulls embedded dirt out from your car’s paintwork. If your car has ever felt rough and “dirty” even after a full car wash, you need to use the clay bar.
Knowing when to clay bar your car can make a huge difference on your car care habit. If you are not yet used to using a clay bar, you should do some research on the best technique to do it.. Just like your wash mitten, scrub or brush, a clay bar can help you take out dirt right from its source.
Product description Size:16 oz Car Show 1 Concentrate is a mist-and-wipe spray detailer that has multiple uses, Detail Spray, Waterless Wash, Clay Lubricant, Glass Cleaner and offers an easy solution to regular car appearance care.

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Clay Bar Make Your Car’s Paint Smooth Like Glass Car

Clay Bar Make Your Car’s Paint Smooth Like Glass Car

Clay Bar Make Your Car’s Paint Smooth Like Glass Car

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