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The traditional dining car has been an integral part of the Amtrak experience since its start in 1971. Now, with new millennial customers, the old-fashioned way of sitting down for a meal and breaking bread with other passengers isn’t working anymore in the eyes of Amtrak executives.

Amtrak dining car hours.

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Amtrak, the iconic mid- to long-distance train service, has announced it will be changing its dining services, phasing out its traditional dining cars and offering a different experience in its place.
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Flexible Dining – Eastern Routes, Sleeping Car. First of all, the dining car changes only affect trains east of Chicago—and there is still food available on those trains, it’s just a bit more casual. What Amtrak offers on these trains is called Flexible Dining, and it’s
266 reviews of Amtrak “I’m a big advocate of train travel, if only because I hate all the hassle and paranoia at airports. Sure, flying gets me places in a few hours but I really have a great time by spending a few days traveling at a leisurely pace on the train. Sadly, funding to Amtrak has been slashed in recent years, seriously endangering the future of train travel in America.
Under normal circumstances, here are the dining car hours: Breakfast 6:30 AM to 10 AM Lunch 11:30 AM to 3 PM Dinner 5 PM to 9 PM Of course things like arriving into the end point station or departing an originating station during a meal period can affect things. And some crews do seem to take it upon themselves to set their own hours.

Amtrak is “reinventing” dining on its longhaul train service. Dining cars are out on many routes. “Flexibility” is in. Driven by cost-cutting and a desire to appeal to millennials, Amtrak will close onboard kitchens and shift to pre-packaged meals on many long-distance routes. Amtrak believes that young people do not want to share a communal table with strangers, a quintessential.
“The dining car is only open for a few hours, and when it is open, the lines are long and the food is questionable,” Sieminski told the New York Post. “I was basically given a microwave pizza last.
A dining car is where Amtrak serves meals in a restaurant-style; a cafe car sells grab and go food, beverages, and snacks. The dining car is the train’s heart and soul, where people gather for a common goal, food! Kev Topics Covered On Amtrak Dining Car. What Amtrak trains have or do not have Amtrak dining cars; Links to dining car menus

Amtrak says it is reinventing its dining service on long-distance trains, killing the traditional dining car and freshly prepared meals to create more “flexible” and “contemporary” prepackaged.
I am traveling on train 5 this week from Chicago to Reno and was wondering service hours of the dining car. I was told that sleeper car passengers can reserve dining times in advance.
On Superliner Long-Distance Trains (aka two-level trains), Amtrak hides the cafe on the lower level of the observation cars, but for the City of New Orleans, where the cafe is on the coach class side of the dining car. The observation car separates the coach cars and the dining car. On the Empire Builder, the cafe is in a different location.

Dining on the Amtrak Coast Starlight is an experience in itself. All meals are included with a reservation in a room or roomette on the Sleeping Car. The food is high quality and there are healthy options to be found.
The Silver Meteor has a dining car and the Silver Star has a cafe car. Seating is by reservation and the dining car is usually booked. Since your boarding station is 2 hours and four stops out of NYC you will have to take whatever seating they have left which will, most likely, be a late seating.
One other thing: some dining car crews pool their tips and others do not. I‘ve developed the habit of asking at my first dining car meal on any Amtrak trip. If the crew pools its tips – and the best crews usually do – I will sometimes give the LSA (Lead Service Attendant) $20-$30 at the conclusion of my final meal on that trip.

Amtrak continues to evolve the travel experience on long-distance trains with the introduction of a new, flexible dining service for Sleeping Car customers traveling on the Cardinal, City of New Orleans, Crescent and Silver Meteor starting on Oct. 1 and the Silver Star in 2020.
Amtrak’s traditional dining cars are screeching to a halt on some routes through Penn Station — and millennials are partly to blame.. “The dining car is only open for a few hours, and.
“There’s something fantastic about dinner in the dining car,” said Keely, 32, a writer from Brasstown, N.C., who swears by the Amtrak crab cake and steak dinner.

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